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What sources of information to help the Forex market trader?

You can define some basic information flows, which may use the trader:

  1. The most convenient to handle help getting Forex news feed, which is equipped with all of the major Internet trading platform. As a rule, your broker specialists on this tape spread in real-time mode all the news relevant to the Forex market.
  2. If you want to follow more closely and in detail what is happening in the financial world, we can recommend prompt and thorough news feeds and Russian business world news agencies. For example, Bloomberg (by Bloomberg), Reuters (to Reuters) (in English), and (in Russian), RBC. There are the most important forex trading news.

Bloomberg (Bloomberg) and Reuters (Reuters) are the leading news agencies of the world in the field of economy. Their news about forex trading is the most complete, objective and timely manner. In particular, in the course of trade is useful to have over the open Internet trading platform of the terminal on which you are working, of online-motion graphics currency news agency Bloomberg (Bloomberg). Quotes on these charts ahead of quotations of the majority of Internet trading platforms for a few seconds, allowing you to quickly make a decision and get ready for action on the opening or closing of the transaction.

  1. It is useful to keep track of the forex trading calendar, and macroeconomic news, and it makes sense to refer to the analytical materials on the Forex market for the last day for a more detailed study of the financial market (link).

What to look for in the information flow?

In addition to the information about the courses of movement of currencies most relevant for Forex trader are topics such as:

  1. The statements and actions of international financial institutions – the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
  2. The statements and actions of the central banks of major economies of the world (for example, changes in interest or discount rates, etc.);
  3. The publication of macroeconomic indicators of the issuing countries listed in the Forex market currencies – the US, Canada, UK, Japan, South Africa, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the “eurozone” countries;
  4. The most important economic news of the countries belonging to the Big twenty;
  5. The reports of the largest to credit, bankruptcy, merger decisions and the world’s largest banks and corporations, performances largest investors.

With the news, you can determine in which direction to move the course of a currency. Technical analysis will allow you to specify the limits of the potential of this trend. A properly applied trading strategy allows you to remove existing market trends maximum profit.