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Not For The Black Market – GNU’s ‘Taler

Based on the currently available literature, Taler is called to provide a solution for mainstream organizations’ use of parallel payment systems and for customers. Similar to cryptocurrency, the ethos behind the project is an attempt to distance itself from Bitcoin.

How Does the System Work?

The system provides anonymity for those users, who will use coins as a stand-in for national currencies. It is also deprived of exposure to any volatility specific to a new cryptocurrency. When paying with Taler, your identity must not necessarily be revealed to the merchant.

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More on Taler

As a rule, the Taler, a GNU-related project, is free and you can readily access the code. In the 1980s, Stallman coined the term “free software.” Taler has had quiet potential or progress in the mainstream economy. According to Christian Grothoff, the systems maintainer and software architect, this is the 1st alpha release of the 4 basic components that provide logic for running a bank, exchange, merchant, and wallet.

When it comes to deployment, The Register states the criticism of Taler may well be originated from Bitcoin circles. Critics in the field note the weaknesses in the Bitcoin ecosystem to prove that a Taler-like platform is so much important for the mainstream.

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